Payments will be made in advance on the first day of attendance each week. Charges for additional care will be charged to the week following such care. Fees are subject to change the first full week of August each year. Payments can be paid biweekly in advance or for the full month. A late fee of $5.00 every quarter hour will be charged for each child left in our care after 6:00 pm. A return check fee of $20.00 will be charged for any check returned to Agape for insufficient funds. A late payment fee of $5.00 per week will be added to accounts two weeks or more delinquent unless arrangements are made with the director. Agape reserves the right to pursue delinquent accounts through legal options.

Tuition Schedule 2017/2018

Below Prices are for 1st child

PRESCHOOL (8:00 - 11:00 a.m M-F) 
$18.35 a day | $81.60 a week

FULL TIME (5 days a week & 5+ hours a day)
Age 3+ | $133.65
Toddler | $146.85
Infant | $147.85

PART TIME (Half day is less than 5 hours)
Ages 3+ | $18.85 half day | $30.60 full day
Toddler (not toilet trained) $19.85 half day | $33.65 full day
Infant | $20.90 half day | $34.65 full day

$4.50 an hour/minimum

$4.50 an hour/minimum

Subsequent Children Discounts:

10% family discount is applied if one child is full time and you have a 2nd child enrolled 3 or more days. 15% family discount is applied if one child is full time and additional 2 or more children attend 3 or more days.

*The discount for more than one child applies if one child attends full time, and your account is current.

Re-registration fee per family is $40.00

Revised June 2019