Primary Environment | 3 - 6 Years

“Montessori programs are among the best learning tools available. My son has learned so much while at Agape! We are so thankful for each and every one of you.”

A. West, dad of a preschooler

The Christian Montessori Primary program is designed to nurture your child’s development. Your child will emerge with a set of skills that nurtures their social, emotional, and academic skills.

The most important role of the Primary program is to provide children with an early and general foundation that includes a positive attitude towards school, inner security and self-direction, a sense of order, and strong problem-solving skills. This foundation enables them to acquire more specialized knowledge and skills throughout their school career.  Our Christian curriculum encourages a close personal relationship with Jesus. We have daily Bible lessons, songs, and prayer which are incorporated throughout the day.

At this level, children are integrated into a mixed-age classroom with peers ranging between the ages of 3-6 years of age. The mixed-age grouping serves to promote independence in younger children and cement learning and leadership skills in older children. The Montessori curriculum and materials allow for exploration and development though hands-on learning.


Practical Life: A variety of daily life activities aid in the development of the child’s coordination, concentration, order and independence, responding to the child’s natural request, “Help me to help myself.”

Sensorial: Children engage with Montessori materials and manipulatives which refine the senses and develop an understanding of early mathematical concepts through hands-on exploration.

Math: A variety of Montessori materials are sequentially introduced to develop the child’s understanding of numbers, patterns, and operations, slowly moving from a concrete exploration of quantity to an abstract understanding of numbers.

Language: Montessori materials promote a multi-sensory learning of the phonetic alphabet. Children move through a progression of materials to develop their skills in phonetics, writing, pre-reading, and reading skills.

Cultural Studies: A variety of cultural subjects such as geography, history, sciences, art, and music are offered through the Montessori materials, as well as, through their own explorations and creative expression.