Agapé Child Care History


In the summer of 1992 members of the Stroh Church of Christ felt a passion to develop a child care program in our community that was focused on child development and Christian education. They soon established Agape Day Care Ministry; now known as Agape Child Care Ministry. Throughout the years Agape has touched hundreds of children and their families’ lives.

In 2010 Agape refocused its vision and incorporated the Montessori philosophy in with its Christian education. Infants through school-age children focused on learning about their world through the five senses, individual lessons, hands on experiences, and the outdoor environment. The importance of worksheets and retention changed to a focus and appreciation for children to develop concentration, a love for learning, order, self-discipline, and respect for the environment and others. With acquiring these skills children have the ability to strive and succeed in the years to come.

We want children to feel that we are a home away from home:  a safe place for children to learn, explore, and be connected. 

Educating and Nurturing Children for Jesus